Hi! I’m a third-year PhD student in Computer Science at Columbia University advised by Augustin Chaintreau. My overarching career goal is to help society harness the power of computing to its benefit.

Toward that end, in my scientific work I focus on the algorithmic and machine intelligence properties of the strategic, economic, and information aggregation aspects of large-scale sociotechnical systems contextualized within the non-computational dynamics at play. This intellectual focus implicates a wide range of areas including: fair, adversarial, and just-plain machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, algorithmic fairness, ethics, mechanism design, game theory, economics, social networks, and antitrust and consumer protection law.

Of equal importance to me is my work as a Computer Science (CS) educator. Together with the amazing Tim Randolph, I am one of the two PhD Student Coordinators for Columbia’s Emerging Scholars Program.